Primecare is a healthcare-related service company established in 2004 in New Jersey, USA. It is in the business of providing services in medical coding, medical documentation review, medical transcription to MTSOs and other healthcare data maintenance and processing functions. It has a team that can adapt quickly to presented procedures and technologies, coupled with exemplary work ethic. The management team has a broad knowledge concerning the quality of resources that is needed to do extremely well in delivering quality services at all times. With Primecare's excellent quality services, we will be your strategic partner in this healthcare industry who will continually support your competitiveness in the business. Our team of qualified, experienced and certified medical coders and transcriptionists delivers cost-effective and timely service with full data security and HIPAA-compliant processes. Primecare is the choice for a strategic coding and transcription partner.

Primecare also has a subsidiary that provides ICD-10 medical coding training which uses AAPC, AHIMA and Step-by-Step materials to produce AAPC Certified Professional Coders. This training facility ensures flexibility and achievable growth to support clientele needs.

Our mission is to deliver a supportive and long-duration partnership in meeting the client's healthcare data processing needs. We will customize the level of coding and transcription services, accurately abstract procedure and diagnosis codes from medical documentation to meet your account's requirements.

As a partner, you can be assured we will respond to your individual needs from evaluation, adapting to new requirements, or streamlining processes. While all coding and transcription is done in Manila, Philippines, our office in New Jersey is set up to coordinate service delivery and manage our customer relationships.
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