Primecare understands the importance of protecting the confidentiality between medical professionals and their patients. Our procedures and practices are founded on providing the utmost protection to personal health information, with HIPAA as our overall guide.

Data security is equally important to us. We employ the FTP secure solution in transferring personal health information using a professional version FTP client which ensures that data remains secure and confidential.

Personal health data resides on the company's wired network workplace which is continuously monitored. All work are done on workstations that are not connected to floppy drives and printers. Only identified and authorized company personnel are permitted to access personal health information in the company system.

All employees in the Philippines work at a controlled, continually monitored Primecare office. Company-issued badges are inspected when employees enter the workplace. Personal belongings are inspected to ensure that no documents ever leave our site.

Employees undergo briefings on the importance of protecting personal health information, first during their initial training and then at regular intervals thereafter. Employees are required to sign a patient confidentiality agreement.

Our dedicated staff in the Philippines works only for Primecare.

For service provided via FTP, any personal health information will be deleted in the company system within two weeks after payment is rendered to Primecare.

In the use of client network for coding or transcription, the client's HIPAA compliant process is maintained. Coding and transcription process is done entirely on the client system.

System maintenance is done within the Primecare office and supervised.

The practice of leaving all learned health information in the office is a virtue within the company.

Primecare exercises a zero-tolerance policy with regards to any breach of security or confidentiality.

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